Age of War Unblocked Age of War Unblocked

Play Age of War - Lead your civilization through the ages, evolve, and conquer in this strategic war game. Wage battles and build your legacy!

Age of War Unblocked


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Age of War Description

Age of War Unblocked

Age of War is a strategic and engaging online flash game that takes players on a journey through different historical eras. Developed by Louissi, this game combines elements of strategy, defense, and evolution as players evolve their armies from primitive units to advanced military forces.

Game Controls

  • Mouse Clicks: Use the mouse to navigate menus, deploy units, and interact with the game.
  • Hotkeys: Some units have corresponding hotkeys for quicker deployment.

How to Play

  1. Choose Your Era: Start in the primitive age and advance through the ages by deploying units and destroying the enemy’s base.
  2. Deploy Units: Spend resources to deploy various units, each with unique abilities and strengths.
  3. Upgrade: Accumulate experience points to upgrade your base and unlock new units as you progress through different ages.
  4. Defend and Attack: Defend your base from enemy attacks while simultaneously launching offensives to destroy the opponent’s base.
  5. Victory Conditions: Win each level by either destroying the enemy base or having a stronger base when the time runs out.

Tips and Tricks

Age of War Unblocked
  1. Balanced Army: Create a well-balanced army with both offensive and defensive units to handle different situations.
  2. Resource Management: Efficiently manage resources to deploy units and upgrade your base.
  3. Adapt Strategy: Adjust your strategy based on the era you are in and the types of enemy units you encounter.
  4. Time Your Upgrades: Upgrade your base at strategic moments to gain an advantage over your opponent.

Game Developer

Age of War was developed by Louissi, a game developer known for creating engaging and strategic flash games.

Game Platforms

Originally a flash game, Age of War is accessible through web browsers on various platforms, including desktop computers and laptops.


Age of War offers a unique blend of strategy and evolution, making it a captivating experience for players who enjoy tactical thinking and resource management. With its progression through different ages and the challenge of evolving armies, this game provides an entertaining and strategic journey through time.